“Papa Pit Has Left The Building”


ABKC Director of Judges Ron Ramos gave his farewell to be bully community as a judge but says he’s sticking around and isn’t going anywhere. In 2004, he joined the ABKC and built the foundation of the documents from the judges code of ethics to the judges test with the help of a few others. Now 16 years later, he’s ready to step down and let James Aba take over his position.


It took a few years James Aba, but you finally got the shot I had asked you to take of me, you’ve been there since the beginning, thank you Jim??. Gratitude is such a small jester for those that have served you well to build and empire. There are no words to express my thanks to all the host from around the world and in the states for allowing me to be apart of many great memories. To those that stood with me in the beginning that are no longer here thank you and I haven’t forgotten you. You were the bricks and the mortar that set a strong foundation. I will miss seeing the many warm faces that have greeted me at the many shows and the jr handlers just wanted a handshake and a picture. But know this I will only be a text or a phone call away so don’t hesitate to drop me a line just to say hello. Don’t be confused I will never leave my bully community and don’t be surprised if I pop up on occasion some where in our community. I have forged great friendships in all registries and all breeders! I will never sacrifice my friendship for a breed or a dog. To all the judges that have apprenticed under me keep striving for ethics, morals and fairness and if I haven’t told you, I’m dam proud of you and thank you for sharing the ring with me! To everyone that has the desire and passion don’t stop searching it out, find your nitch and dig in for the long haul. Again don’t get confused I’ll always be apart of the canine community. Don’t hesitate to stop on by if your ever in my area and don’t be surprised if you see me from time to time popping up somewhere in the dog world. In closing all I ask is to give me the same respect I have given to my community in parting no more no less. THANK YOU, THANK YOU stay Blessed and thank you for all the great memories ???. Forever your friend in the Breed
Ron ” Papa Pit” Ramos.